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Welcome to the BPD;matters website!

BPD;matters is an online space for anyone wanting to learn more about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as found in the DSM-5.

Whether you're here as a diagnosed individual or an undiagnosed individual,
a family member, friend, or partner of a loved one and want to learn more about BPD...

Your effort to be curious enough to end up here means you care!

You may find that as you learn and discover more about BPD, you'll also learn and discover more about yourself...

Remember simply having the will to want to learn and become informed is an amazing first step, so together, let's break the cycle and the stigma surrounding BPD together.


My hope for this platform is that we'll build an online community of supportive, like-minded, caring individuals.


Thank you for being here


- x -

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